Mr Nettles goes Black and White

It was a foggy day down on the dock at Felixstowe on New Year's day but not quite this black and white!

November Holiday 2019

Here is a photo from our visit in November 2019 to Sherwood Forest.

The Sun Sets on


2019 ended with some spectacular sunsets. Here is one.

Meet us in the garden and beyond

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Valerie's BIG Birthday Holiday

The whole family and some good friends all headed west to Pembrokeshire for a week of fun and laughter. Rock pooling, visiting a castle, and a kidnapping all helped the week fly by.
This is where you would expect to see photos of THE Birthday Girl, cake, candles, exploding thing on the cake, the special meal and vast quantities of presents. But this would be my last ever contribution to the website if I showed all that!! So here are three photos from the beach at Freshwater West, as Valerie loves waking along beaches to see what she can find.