Is Visual Composer worth Using?

To see if Visual Composer will help with the look and feel of Hopbines Blog this is just some test text and sheep.

050827 Sheep, Field behind Hopbines, Long Thurlow, Suffolk

It seems that the width of articles in Visual Composer is different to WordPress but how does this look on a mobile phone? … and in a strange font? Also testing colours. Convention says fonts, colour and style should be consistent on a website. Doubt you will find that here! I think the look and feel will be whimsical.

It was cold at Lackford Lakes.

So, after an exciting trip to the hospital for the annual CT scan we went to Suffolk Wildlife’ Trust’s nature reserve at Lackford Lakes for coffee and cake. Parts of the lakes were still frozen, but we still saw 31 different bird species. Photography was difficult because the light was not great most of the time and the Kingfisher insisted on sitting in the bushes. Here are a few photos from later in the day when the sun did break through the cloud for a while.

Lackford Lakes, 21/01/2020
Lackford Lakes 21/01/2020
Male Mallard, Lackford Lakes 21/01/2020

Saturday 11th January 2020

We haven’t been far in January so far but have been busy at home. A calendar contain 12 of our favourite photos from 2019 has been prepared and printed by Photobox and looks good hanging in the kitchen.

Just so i can see what it looks like here is a photo from a visit to the fine city of Norwich just before Christmas. It is the (now) annual Tunnel of Light.

2020 is here!

It’s Day 1 of 2020 and time to change a few priorities and take on some projects which have been “on the back burner” for some time. It started off well, with photos taken today at a very misty and raw Languard Common and Felixstowe Dock uploaded and processed immediately.