It’s been a funny week!

A visit to Anglesey Abbey last week to see this year’s snowdrop display was very pleasant. The snowdrops didn’t seem to be as prolific this year. Maybe it is just that we have got used to seeing them as we go most years. However the sun shone most of the day and here are a couple of photos.

Snowdrops, Anglesey Abbey NT
Winter Garden, Anglesey Abbey NT

Then we had Storm Ciara so nothing was done in the garden for a few days. Not much damage done just the carrot frame broken to pieces and the large gnome flat on its face! Now we have Storm Dennis, so again not gardening weather. So looking forward to getting back to the garden and being able to show you some garden photos. In the meantime here is a Pitcher plant flower. You may have seen it on FB but I quite like it so here it is again.

Sarracenia, Pitcher Plant,