Strange Times at Hopbines

So here we are just coming to the end of the first week of restrictions on our movements in the fight against Corvid-19. The NHS and other essential services are doing a magnificent job of organising the country so that the virus can be fought, and everyone should be extremely grateful to them. It is sad that a small minority are unable to understand the seriousness and enormity of the situation and not doing what is required. Whatever our opinions of those in government and major national organisations, this is the time to, support them not to oppose them. Nobody knows what the right thing to do is as we have never been in this situation before and going on the best medical and scientific advice seems the best way forward to me. We are fortunate that we live in times where there is excellent communication and medicine and science are sufficiently far advanced to at least give a chance of finding a cure in a reasonable timespan. Previous generations would have not had such help and advice.

So, you may be asking, or not, as the case may be why the blog hasn’t been updated recently. Well, despite being unable to go out because of the restrictions it has been an extremely busy time in the garden. The new vegetable beds weren’t ready for the spring as planned because we had such a wet winter. The autumn garden weed didn’t happen because of the wet weather too so there is much catching up to do. Also, of course, organising food has taken up more hours than it ever has before.

Some close family members are in the extremely vulnerable category, so time has been spent making sure they are OK and chatting to them. Who would have thought that Mother’s Day would be via a Zoom conference!!

I guess that everything will start to settle down into a new
routine this coming week. Not perhaps a very pleasant one particularly for
those cooped up in their houses but we will try to keep them cheerful and

I’m sure you would be disappointed if I didn’t display the annual daffodil photos so here they are, together with early progress on some new vegetable bed enclosures.

The plan is to bore you all with regular garden updates of
what has been sown and how things are progressing. There will be some photos of
the garden as we go. Obviously, there will be no trips out so everything will
be garden or local area based as I often take my camera on our daily exercise
trips. We are so fortunate living in the countryside as have some lovely walks
and we come across only a few people when we are out, and they are mostly in
the distance.

So, that will do for now and I will write again soon.