So the Easter “break” is over and we hope everyone found ways to enjoy themselves at home and all are safe and well. Our virtual Easter Eggstravangaza went rather well on Saturday I thought. It was good to be able to see friends in New Zealand as well as more local friends and family though the wonders of Zoom.

I guess everyone will now start to settle into the routine of our new, and hopefully temporary, “normal” as it seems it will be like this for the next few weeks. Locally everyone still seems to be adhering to the new rules on social distancing and being very polite, although I do find that some Lycra-clad cyclists with racing bikes seem to think they own the road and social-distancing is not for them.

I amused myself on my early Sunday morning run/jog by running along the white lines in the middle of the road through Walsham-le-Willows to see how far I could get before seeing a car. Managed about three quarters of the way through the village before a car or two came along. Can’t think where they were going that early on Easter Sunday morning – churches and shops closed, and I guess pharmacies too. I hope they were NHS, Carer or other key workers.

I do find it rather odd that a lot of people seem to be having difficulty staying at home. I have great sympathy for those living in flats or apartments who are not able to get out at all, and those self-isolating for 12 weeks without being able to leave home, but when we were young we didn’t go out much. A week (sometimes two) in August to Sheringham staying with various Aunts was our only holiday of the year. We might have the occasional Sunday bus jaunt to an Aunt and Uncle but never more than about 10- 15 miles from home. Very occasionally we might go on the bus into the fine city of Norwich – a monumental 12 miles away. The rest of the time we were in the house or garden or around our home town of Aylsham. Of course, the current rules are more restrictive, but they will only be temporary.

The largest border in the garden has now been thoroughly weeded and most of the Ground Elder and Celandine removed as you will see from the picture. This was done over a number of days because of the heat, then the cold! Broad Beans have also been set out in the garden as you can see. Three rows of Carrots have also gone in.

Large Border, Hopbines Garden
Broad Beans, Hopbines Garden

Daily walks continue and new routes are under consideration. Here are a couple of photos from last week on a warm and sunny morning just 15 minutes walk from home.

Wood, Gt. Ashfield/Daisy Green
Blackthorn Blossom, Daisy Green

Will post again soon.

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