So it is a couple of weeks since my last post, and I’ve continued to weed the garden, every day until a couple of days ago when it started to rain. Much needed but disappointing that I didn’t quite finish weeding and tidying the final border in the back garden – well only just started it actually. As you can see the garden is looking fairly OK now. Still have the front borders to do as well.

Fishpond with pole growing well!!
The Gnome seems happy!
Just a weeded Border.

Additionally a couple of objects for the garden have been put together. A Bed Bed for Valerie and a cover for the carrots to stop the carrot root fly. Here is the Bed Bed, the carrot cover is too boring to photograph. The Bed Bed has now had a liner and soil put in and seeds planted. Let’s see how well it grows.

Bed Bed

Sadly one of the hens has passed away so only five are left now, and they are old so not laying much. Three (or four) new hens have been ordered from Katie at Rectory Farm in Thurston. and these will be collected in early June, hopefully.

Peas are coming up nicely in the gutters in which we start them off and will be ready to go out next week some time. Sweetcorn, Runner Beans, Courgettes, Marrows and Squashes will be set in the next few days. Yes, later than most people but it works in our garden.

Our daily walks are taking us to places where we have never been in the 26+ years we have lived here. Hundred Lane is a really good walk although we have only walked part of it so far. It is close to where East and West Suffolk meet and this is the bridge across the border, and an Oak Tree from another walk because I like taking photos of old Oak Trees.

Where East meets West – Suffolk
Oak Tree in Hantons Lane, Gt. Ashfield

Interestingly this morning, we saw a family taking a goose for a walk. Yes, a goose. They weren’t talkative so we couldn’t ask about it or take a photo. Social distancing at its best! Reminded me of the old paintings of flocks of geese etc. being driven to market.

Finally, as I’ve probably bored you enough, here is an Aquilegia flower for all our wonderful NHS people and everyone else helping to keep the country running.

Aquilegia Flower

And finally, finally here is a Spitfire to wish Captain/Colonel Tom a very happy 100th birthday.

Grace Spitfire ML407, Felixstowe, Suffolk – 4th August 2013

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