I’m just so busy

You would have thought that with not being able to go out, or do any of my Table Tennis stuff, I would have plenty of time to write. Not so. If fact it has been busier than ever here. Six new vegetable beds were completed by the end of March and a photo is below. This turned out to be a heavy and drawn out task. Getting each of the beds level was the most time-consuming. Replacing is always much more difficult than a having a “green field” site. Anyway the sides may need a bit more internal support but I will see how they work for a while first.

Six New Vegetable Beds

50 potatoes have been planted in one bed and another 24 in potato sacks. 3 rows of Tender & True Parsnip seeds were set today. Valerie has been extremely busy over the past few weeks setting seeds. Many of these are nearly ready to be pricked out. Indeed the Tomatoes and Chilli seedlings have been potted on in the last couple of days.

My annual battle against Ground Elder has started. There will only be one winner though – the Ground Elder. A neighbour said he had tried to kill a patch of Ground Elder with chemicals (not something I would ever condone) but it still came up the next year! The best I will do is reduce the spread a bit.

We have had some good local walks recently and saw three Roe Deer the other day. There were a long way away but here is a reasonable ( I think) photo of them.

Roe Deer near Badwell Ash Hall, Suffolk

There were also some good cloud formations .

Clouds near Long Thurlow, Suffolk

So we start week 3 of the Stay at Home – Protect the NHS – Save Lives campaign and hope everyone is complying. In our sleepy hamlet everyone seems to be doing so. Ironically we have seen more people walking the local footpaths to shout “Hello” to than we usually do. Everyone is keeping the required distance though. Sadly the father of one of our neighbours has succumbed to Coronavirus. We didn’t know him and he didn’t live locally but it makes you realise how important is reducing contact with others everywhere. As well as the NHS of course, there are many others working to keep us fed and healthy. So just a big thank you to Suffolk Dairies of Stowmarket who continue to deliver our milk every day.

Hopefully, now that all the urgent garden stuff is nearing completion these Blogs might be more regular – or not. Stay safe and well.